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CPQ Quick Start

CPQ Quick Start

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Accelerate Sales, Delight Customers, and Streamline Operations with CPQ Quick Start Features:

Close complex deals faster and deliver exceptional customer experiences with CPQ Quick Start. This powerful solution unlocks a range of features designed to empower your sales team, build stronger relationships, and optimize your sales and finance processes.

Streamline Complex Deals:

    • Effortless configuration: Eliminate manual input and errors with guided product selection, automated pricing rules, and dynamic quote generation.
    • Customizable options: Offer tailored solutions that meet unique customer needs with flexible product bundling, pricing variations, and custom discounts.
    • Faster quoting: Reduce quote turnaround times and accelerate sales cycles with streamlined workflows and instant approvals.

Nurture Strong Customer Relationships:

    • Personalized proposals: Generate professional, visually appealing proposals that showcase your value proposition and resonate with each customer.
    • Improved communication: Collaborate seamlessly with customers on quotes and proposals through built-in commenting and feedback loops.
    • Enhanced transparency: Build trust by providing clear price breakdowns and accurate quotes, leading to faster approvals and reduced customer friction.

Unify Sales and Finance:

    • Real-time data synchronization: Eliminate data silos and ensure pricing consistency across sales and finance with real-time product, pricing, and discount information.
    • Automated approvals: Streamline the approval process with configurable workflows and notifications, accelerating deal closure and improving financial control.
    • Compliance assurance: Reduce risk and maintain compliance with built-in validation rules and audit trails, ensuring accuracy and data integrity.

Beyond the Basics:

    • CPQ Quick Start provides a solid foundation, but your potential reaches further. As your needs evolve, you can easily expand your capabilities with a wide range of advanced features, including:
        • Subscription and recurring billing management
        • Integrations with other Salesforce products and external systems
        • Advanced quote analytics and reporting
        • AI-powered recommendations and insights

Ready to experience the difference? CPQ Quick Start empowers you to close deals faster, delight customers, and streamline your operations for enhanced efficiency and growth.

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